Hello there!
Thank you for visiting my Blog.
So let me tell you a bit about me shall I? I am 27 years old, my Birthday is the 21st June 1991, Midsummers day :). I am 5″4 and a Half (Can’t forget the half!) I live in a Small Town called Stoke on Trent which is located in the West Midlands. I love Candles and Bath Bombs, especially the really sweet sickly smelling ones! ♥
I am a huge animal lover and my favourites are Penguins and Owls. I used to own a horse when I was 15. I live with my Mum, Brother, a German Shepherd, a Border Collie and 5 Cats!.
I love Ice Skating and take regular lessons, I am looking to progress into Ice Dance.
Chinese is my favourite food! Along with Chocolate and Cake. I have recently acquired a love for Nero’s Caramel and Banana Frappes.
I work as a Care Team Leader looking after people who suffer from Epilepsy, Autism and Learning Difficulties. Lilies and Roses are my favourite flowers.
If you wish to know more feel free to ask me any questions on here or via social media. You can also find more about me on my blog posts. 

19 thoughts on “About

  1. Kudos on expanding your education and career choices! Nursing has been a blast for me. Now, wearing scrubs every day… I forget to put a little more polish into my presentation – ideas from your blog will help!


    1. Hiya. Thank you very much :). I love your blog by the way. I wouldn’t worry I’m the same at work. Hair thrown up, tunic on, no make-up. Only going to get covered in goodness knows what anyway right? -Jade


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