Easy Ways to Treat Yourself

Hi Lovelies!

Modern life is tough. We work long hours. We come home to families that need looking after. We take time to clean our houses and cars. We’re worried about money, childcare, the pressures of social media. We fret about our health and our weight. We worry about our family members and their lives. We’re always saving up for home improvements and holidays. There’s always something. Very few of us take the time to just do things for ourselves as often as we should. We don’t take time for ourselves, we don’t spend money on ourselves, and we don’t do the things that we need to, to keep ourselves happy.

But, you should. With so much stress and pressure in your life, it’s more essential than ever that you look after yourself and practice self-care. It helps to reduce your stress levels, improves your mental health and helps you to become the best wife, mother, worker and friend that you can be.

Sometimes, self-care means doing something big like changing your fitness routine or diet. Other times, it’s just a case of treating yourself to something small. But, it’s still worth it. Here’s a look at some easy ways that you could treat yourself right now.


Have a Proper Lie in

A proper lie in isn’t just waking up a little late. It’s waking up and not getting out of bed. It’s taking your breakfast or just a cup of coffee back upstairs with you, getting back into bed and reading a book or watching your favorite show on Netflix. It’s lazing about for much longer than you usually would.

Even if you have to get up to make the coffee yourself, it’s worth it just to have a few hours in your bed, warm, safe, comfortable and under no pressure to do anything.

Buy Yourself a Gift

As adults, we often only buy ourselves things that we need. We spend our money on our families and homes, and on the essential repairs that we need. We only spend money on ourselves when we absolutely need something. We rarely treat ourselves to something just because we can, or we want to.

Do it. Buy something for yourself. Not something that you need, just something that you want. It could be something big like a whole new outfit or an expensive bag, or simple silver necklaces. Just do it, without justifying it. It’ll make you happy.

Take a Bath

A good bubble bath, with your favorite scents, candles, a glass of wine and a good book is one of the most relaxing things that you can do for yourself after a long day. It’ll help you to relax and clear your mind, while also releasing any stress and tension in your muscles. It can also help you to sleep better and improve your mood. Take a long bath when you’re not in any rush to get out or dressed. Enjoy it.

Cook Something for Yourself

When we cook for family, we stick to things that we know everyone will like. When we eat alone, we often go for simple things to save time and money. There isn’t much point in cooking a proper meal for one after all. But, there is. Cooking for yourself is your chance to eat what you want to. To put some effort in, to try new flavors and recipes, just for you.

Whats your best self care tip?

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