How I Care For My Russian Lashes​

Hi, Lovelies.

Recently I have stopped wearing make-up. However, I was always that person that loved to wear about three coats of mascara. I have naturally long lashes, however, they are poker straight so unless I have mascara on, they aren’t noticeable. I wanted something that gave me the look as though I had them three coats of mascara on. And I have found the solution! Flirties Russian Volume Lashes.

My lash therapist is amazing and I would not go to anyone else. The first time I went to her she was so welcoming and I felt instantly at ease (I think this is important, especially as you may be laid on the bed for up to 2 hours with your eyes closed) And she is as much of a perfectionist as I am, afterwards once all the lashes are applied, she makes sure I don’t leave without a single eyelash out of place. Here is her Facebook Page, I highly recommend if you are local. If not then I would recommend searching facebook for people who are trained in them, or if you go on the Flirties Website, and put in your location and what you require, they will find local therapists who are trained. 


Now I am not trained in these lashes so I have no idea how they are applied etc.. However I am going to show you how I care for mine in between infills. 

Infills tend to be every 2-3 weeks. I think you can tell when you need infills, as your lashes will start to stick out in all different directions and they may also be sparse in places too where your natural lashes are starting to fall out. (This is normal as, like your hair on your head, eyelashes fall out too as they have a “cycle” )


I purchased my aftercare products direct from my therapist as she has them for sale in her salon. 


Inside it contained a cute little pink wand – This is to brush your eyelashes for, I brush mine every morning, or if I see an eyelash out of place or sticking out, I tend to use the little wand to fix it instead of prodding around with my fingers.

It also came with a bottle and a sachet of cleanser. What I did was tipped the cleanser inside the bottle and filled it with water. Then when I am cleaning my lashes  (I tend to this once every other day) I squirt some of the liquid from the bottle into my hand, and it turns into a foam. And with another brush that came with the kit (the one on the far right), I cover the bristles with the foam and gently clean my lashes with this. I tend to do it in a downwards and side to side motion. Then I rinse with lukewarm water.

I also purchased a bottle of the sealant. I use this once a week, and with the black wand I dip this into the bottle of sealant and brush it over each eye, coating the lashes. This helps to protect them. 

And that is basically how I care for them, it doesn’t take much. And it’s so much easier than having to put mascara on every day! I also much prefer the overall look the Russian Lashes give me. I think I am truly addicted! 

Thanks for Reading!

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