The Ultimate Checklist For Any Celebration


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So, it’s on your shoulders to organise the perfect celebratory soiree but it’s suddenly dawned on you the pressure that you have put yourself under. You want everything to be perfect. You have catering to organise, the venue to secure, the entertainment to sort and the guest list to hone. While it may seem like a daunting task, you can plan the perfect party by following this ultimate checklist.



Consider the number of guests you are inviting to your soiree and the sort of vibe you want for your celebration. For a birthday party celebrating a significant age with over a hundred people on the guest list, a small village hall simply won’t cut it. Instead, think outside of the box and look into more kooky and more interesting venues. How about a cinema hall with giant screen and Dolby surround sound for all-immersive entertainment opportunities? If your gathering is a little more intimate, you could hire out a space in a swanky wine bar or even stay at home creating the perfect ambience in your back garden. Sometimes small outdoor soirees can be even more special than the more expensive venue offerings.


The thought of cooking for a large guest list can be daunting, but you don’t have to surrender yourself to the task of making three thousand egg mayo sandwiches, a mountain of cheese and pineapple sticks and untold numbers of vol au vents. While retro is now the buzzword of the moment, this hasn’t filtered down into catering options yet. If your gathering is small enough, you could consider a barbecue, some simple yet tasty one pot grub or a ‘make your own’ style construction meal. Always ensure you have a bit of bubbly ready for the all important celebratory toast. The Oddbins champagne range has a bit of sparkle to suit any budget, just be sure that you can keep the drink flowing.

For larger celebrations, it is more cost effective to pay external caterers to sort the food. They can cook on site or prepare an elegant meal for your guests. You might want a specialist team to conjure up a Caribbean feast or a range of Thai platters for your guests. By doing this, your time is freed up to concentrate on decor, music and more important things in your life rather than stressing over the roasting time for forty spatch cock chickens.


Don’t scrimp on the entertainment. Sometimes an iPod with a suitable playlist and speaker system will suffice whereas sometimes you need to go the extra mile. If the birthday boy has a favourite band, hire a tribute act to play some of his favourite tunes. If the bride and groom met at the circus, get some fire breathers, stilt walkers, jugglers, contortionists and acrobats to greet the guests as they enter the venue. The possibilities for entertaining your invitees are endless.

If you are struggling to organise a celebration or don’t know where to start, use this guide as a starting point to help inspire your soiree.

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