3 Reasons Why Changing the Way You Think Can Change Your Life



Have you ever thought about just how much your thought processes affect your life?

In life, we often seem to be tossed this way and that by external events beyond our control, and it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that our negative experiences are completely the result of someone or something else, and having nothing, or little, to do with us.

In reality, you may be the spiritual sort who gets a psychic reading done on a regular basis, or you may be deeply sceptical of anything that you can’t see with your own two eyes, but your mindset will nonetheless have a tremendous impact on your quality of life.

Here are some reasons why changing the way you think can change your life.


What you look for is what you find

Various famous psychological experiments have found evidence for the fact that what we look for in life is what we find, or, to put it differently — we don’t see what we’re not looking for.

One of the most famous examples of this involved showing test subjects a video with a number of people passing a ball to one another. The subjects were told to count how many times the ball was passed back and forth. In the middle of the video, a man in a gorilla costume walked into the middle of the game, but didn’t block the ball.

The result? A huge number of test subjects never noticed the gorilla.

Another example would be if someone asked you to count how many blue objects you could see in the room, and then asked you how many red objects you saw. Probably none.

When we focus our thought processes on the positive, we find a lot more positive. When we focus on the negative, we find a lot more negative.


The thought patterns you condition yourself into literally restructure your brain


Not too long ago, it was a common belief that the brain stopped growing after childhood, and was basically fixed and static.

In recent years, however, the phenomenon of neuroplasticity has been discovered, and we now know that the brain is constantly changing throughout our lives, and is continually developing new neural connections and breaking down old ones.

One weird effect of neuroplasticity is that thoughts themselves seem to have the power to restructure the brain, and experiments have shown that even imagining yourself exercising can make you physically stronger.


Gratitude and optimism expand your presence in the world


When you’re bitter, resentful, and scared, are you likely to live your best life, put yourself out in the world, and meet all its challenges head on?

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