Money, Money, Money: How & Why You Need to Make it Go Further

Money makes the world go round, and these days there never quite seems to be enough of it. Who among us hasn’t had one of those weeks (or months) where we have to have beans on toast for dinner, and binging Netflix shows became the norm every weekend? Sure, those can be fun occasionally, but when they’re happening a lot, it can be a worrying sign.

You have to do as much as you can to ensure you are taking charge of the situation.  Making your money go further and last longer is very challenging, but it’s certainly not an impossibility. The more you can do to make your cash last longer, the better it will get and the less stressed you will be in life. Follow these ideas to help you understand how and why your cash has to go further.


  • You need a savings jar

A great way of making your money last longer and stretch further is to introduce a savings jar into your home. This is so important for helping you to squirrel away any spare bits of cash you might have in order to have a bit of a safety net of cash to fall back on. If you come home from being out and you have any cash in your pocket or your purse, make sure you deposit it in the savings jar – over the year it will all mount up.

  • … In case of emergencies

One of the best reasons to have a savings jar is in the event of emergencies. The fact of the matter is that emergencies do happen now and again, and you can never be sure when that’s the point! When emergencies do strike, you need to be able to act accordingly and deal with them swiftly. If you need to pay for that home upgrade, you have to repair your car, or you need to pay for healthcare treatment, the money jar comes in really handy.

  • You need to bring in more money

It is essential that you look at ways you can bring in more money on a weekly or monthly basis. For a lot of people, this means looking into getting a second job, but there are less chaotic and stressful ways of making more income. Using e-commerce to sell unwanted items, renting out your spare room, or blogging from home are all excellent ways of bringing in a little more cash for you and the family.

  • … To get out of debt

There are loads of important reasons why you have got to bring in more money for the household, but one of the most important is to get out of debt. This can shackle you and cause real problems later in life, so you need to make sure you eradicate any debt as soon as you can. Head to for some ideas on the best way of using your money to get debt-free in the fastest possible way. This is important because it can do a lot to help you get out of debt and live a more comfortable life.

These are some of the crucial things you should be doing with your money, and why you need to make sure you have enough of it. There are a lot of things to think about when you try to improve your financial situation, and these are all things that will go a long way toward helping you deal with that.

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