Apology Not Accepted: 4 Things You Shouldn’t Excuse

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The boy band Blue once sang that sorry seems to be the hardest word, yet people say it with relative ease. In fact, it slips out, almost as if it’s a stock word used for anything. Are you blocking someone in the supermarket queue? Say sorry then. You didn’t respond to a text message immediately? Apologize before they get the wrong idea. In general, assume the blame is your own and get on with life.

Saying sorry is a necessary evil when you have done something wrong. The problem in today’s society is that people apologize even when there is no need. Below are four examples which will help you take back control.

Your Appearance

Women deal with a lot in a single day. Being gawked at is a given, especially when cave dwellers can’t keep their jaws shut. The other side of the coin is getting judged for your appearance. Didn’t you know you wear too much makeup and look like a tramp? People are harsh and will cut to the bone at times. Regardless, it’s never worth assuming the blame for the way you dress. Your style is your own because fashion is subjective. Those that don’t like it can gossip and bitch all they want, but don’t let it get you down, boo.


And Feelings

Both are inextricably linked. When someone tugs on one thread, the other begins to wear and tear away. Anytime there is a negative experience in life, the brain instantly tries to make sense of what happened. However, it’s an internal struggle and humans are designed to vent and get things off of their chest. Therefore, don’t apologise for crying or getting deep. Sure, in the line at Starbucks on a Monday morning isn’t a great place to breakdown – therapy is recommended instead – but life happens. Anyway, those people are strangers you won’t see again.

Being In Debt

There is nothing worse than being a financial pariah. Debts make you feel dirty and unclean as if you’ve done something wrong. In truth, you took a couple of chances and tried some new things and they weren’t as successful as previously hoped. Okay, they were mistakes in the end, but don’t take them back for anyone. After all, errors are learning curves. Instead, focus on getting back on track. can help, as can an accountant. Remember debts are temporary as long as you are proactive and fight back. Payment plan, anyone?



Uncontrollable Events

Someone comes to you looking for a shoulder to cry on, and your first response is “I’m sorry.” Maybe you are, but it isn’t your fault that their boss is an idiot or that their partner is cheating. As harsh as it sounds, these are events which are out of your control. So, apologizing sets a terrible precedent. Rather than the S-word, you should fire back with “that’s too bad” or something along those lines. A great friend doesn’t say anything; they listen.

Really Blue, does sorry seem to be the hardest word?


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