The Most Important Room In Your Home

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While your home is your nest and your bubble of safety and love, each room under your roof has a specific function. Contrary to the common belief, the room that looks the most after your health, mental and physical, is not the bathroom or the bedroom. It is the kitchen. It’s the room in which you start the day and the room that brings people together – because people, whether they like to admit it or not, get together to eat or drink. Unfortunately, your fast-paced lives can take the attention away from the kitchen, so that you might let signs of tear and wear appear without noticing it. In reality, it’s time to remember that what you eat and what you drink can play a significant role in how you’re going to feel and perform during the day. In other words, it’s time to give your kitchen the care it needs.


Design the perfect breakfast in your kitchen


The only way to start the day

Did you know that more and more people skip breakfast? In fact, as surprising as it sounds, most young adults leave home without a healthy breakfast. But if there’s one thing you need to do in the kitchen before leaving for work or school, it’s preparing a good breakfast. A healthy breakfast can give you just that boost of energy you need to hit the ground running in the morning. After all, we all know that being a morning person is not given to everyone. But, you can be sure, that with plenty of healthy vitamins, carbs and fiber in your tummy and a strong cup of tea – or coffee – you’ll feel a lot more alert and energized to tackle the day.


It’s where health starts

If you’re the kind of person who worries about their weight, it’s time to be honest about it. Your weight is 80% what you eat and 20% fitness. In other words, your kitchen can make you slim, assuming you keep the right kind of ingredients in it. You also need to find cooking appliances that keep your food as healthy as possible, starting with non-stick pans to halogen ovens as seen here, In fact, you need to find appliances that don’t break down the essentials vitamins and minerals and that don’t require grease to cook. There’s nothing worse than buying all the right ingredients but not getting any of the benefits due to an old saucepan or a greasy oven dish.  


It’s where people meet

What is the colour of your kitchen? If you’ve kept it magnolia, you’ve probably noticed that the room might feel a little dull. Don’t be shy. Your kitchen is the place where the family and friends meet around the table, for a cup of tea in the afternoon, or simply for a quick snack. It’s a room made for interactions, and you need to bring the happiness it needs with a pop of colour. suggests some perfect combinations. You can add yellow accents for some energy or pink for bold excitement.

Bring your kitchen back into focus. It’s at the heart of your fitness and mental health. Make it work for you!


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