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Tips and Tricks to give you a morning Pick-Me-Up

Bleh! The alarm clock has just gone off, and it’s time to get out of bed. Despite wanting to crawl back under the duvet, you know you have a lot to do this morning, so you are just going to have to suck up the fact and get out of your pyjamas. Yet your body is telling you different. “I’m so tired” it seems to say (or is that just you) but you do have to face the inevitable. The time for sleeping is over as morning has arrived! Drat and double drat!

Sound familiar? It does to this writer at least, but it is possible to make life easier for yourself. If you are in need of a pick-me-up in the mornings, here are some handy tips and tricks to give you a boost for your morning routine.

1. Get your beauty sleep. Experts say we need a good 7-8 hours sleep a night, and this is the first step in having a better morning when you awake. If you don’t get your z’s, you will feel tired and grumpy, and you won’t have that radiant skin that comes with sleep, either! So, stay away from those things that aren’t going to help your sleep patterns – tv, smartphone, alcohol – and get yourself some decent shut-eye.

2. Wake up and smell the coffee beans. According to experts, not only does drinking coffee give you that extra boost in the morning, but the smell of coffee beans can also alleviate stress. Remarkable! It also stimulates your brain, energises your body, and increases happiness. Grab a cup when you emerge from your slumber, and stop off at a coffee shop on the way to work – we recommend the two chimps coffee company for taste and ethical reasons, but you are sure to have a favourite venue on your high street.

3. Get your breakfast fix. The most important meal of the day, so experts tell us, and guess what? They are right, as usual. So consume something healthy – last night’s pizza just won’t do! A smoothie is a great way to get the necessary proteins if you are in a rush (and you slept past that alarm again), or if you have the time, try one of these healthy breakfast ideas. Your morning coffee is a quick fix to your energy levels, but a decent breakfast will keep you going throughout the day. Well, at least until lunchtime!

4. Get into your mind palace. The morning can be a rush, especially if you have to get ready for work, sort the kids out, walk the dog, and leave a note for the mailman, all before 8 am! No wonder your already frazzled mind is in danger of burning out completely. Get out of your frenetic lifestyle, and stop for a few moments. Ground yourself in some simple meditation, in whatever form suits you, be it through prayer, mantra, or something transcendental. A little bit of quiet and reflection will set you up for the day, giving you some focus on yourself and the day’s activities, and improving your overall mood.

5. Practice gratitude. This last one is a little tricky, especially if you are feeling tired and irritable. However, it really works. For starters, be grateful for the day, being thankful for all the good things about it, no matter how challenging some of these aspect may be. Then display gratitude to those around you. From your pet cat to the people on your daily commute, be polite, respectful and kind. By bringing a little bit of cheer to the lives of others, you will bring a sense of happiness and purpose to your life as well.

How do you boost your morning routine?

Is there anything you do to improve your mornings? What makes you jump out of bed with passion and vigour? Have we left anything out? Please let us know in the comments section below!

Thanks for reading!


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