BOD Mermaid Bath Salts | Review

Hi Lovelies!

I saw these bath salts whilst I was scrolling through ASOS recently. The fact they it said “pink glitter” instantly made me purchase them.

When they arrived I was shocked at how big and heavy the bag was, and on the back it stated to use the whole bag, the WHOLE bag!!

So, I ran myself a hot bath, poured the whole bag in, waited for them to dissolve and then proceeded to relax in the pink glittery water.

I have to say, they smelt vile! Kind of like a mixture of salt and play dough. And when the water went onto my face, I could taste salt on my lips, not pleasant. These are supposed to help you lose up to 3kg of excess body water. I could not tell the difference at all. I felt exactly the same, this may have been because I drank three pints of ice water whilst I was in this steaming hot bath hahah!

But they did make me very glittery, these would be perfect for before a party. I am planning to buy more so I use can them before a wedding I am attending. They don’t do what they say on the packing, but who cares if they make your skin look like this!

Thanks for reading!!


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