What To Do With Your Old Jewellery?

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Jewellery might not get compulsively purchased or acquired as much as clothes, but on the other hand, nobody really gets rid of them that easily either. Over the years, some people have most probably gathered quite a stash of jewellery, partly due to the fact that it’s a shame to just throw it out, and partly due to the running trend of buying things we don’t really need. Regardless of how you have come about slowly creating and gathering your own little treasure trove, it is probably safe to say that most of it is just sitting around doing nothing. While the sole possession of something is a reward in itself, a lot of people would rather do something with it than just have it lying around. If you happen to be one of those people, then keep on reading.


Flog them!


If your train of thought is more along the lines of “Why keep around more rubbish than I would need to?”, then selling your old jewellery might just be the best thing. Not only are you freeing up space, both physical and mental, you are also possibly stuffing your wallet a little bit. Any old thrift shop or pawnbroker will take most of your things, making it an easy, done deal. If you happen to possess something a bit more valuable, perhaps some gold or diamonds, then look into finding reputable retailers. Start by looking up some online reviews such as this one or even asking around some friends. After you found your trustworthy retailer, ask them for a proper appraisal and see if you can make some money.



Make something cool out of them

Jewellery in itself is very attractive and can prove to be a stunning decoration of just about anything that you involve them in. If you feel like getting stuck in and getting involved in a few DIY projects related to your jewellery, then you might just come out with something pretty cool by the end of it.

  • If you are preparing a gift for someone very special, and you want them to know that this is indeed a very special occasion and present, then why not use your jewellery to adorn that present. Rather than having that old brooch or pin lying about, repurpose it as a beautiful decoration for your next present in the shape of a gift tag.
  • If you are one of those people who likes repurposing one useless thing into another useless but ever so charming thing, then this might just be for you. Fridge magnets are as popular as they usually are effectively useless, but if you decide to make your old pins or necklaces into some fridge magnets, then nobody can take away that pleasure from you.

  • Want to make your shoes just that little bit more stylish and a bit fancier? Feel like one of your favourite pairs of heels are nice but could use just a little bit oomph? Get some of your more sizeable jewellery and turn it into fitting shoe clips that you can attach or remove at your leisure. Of course, since they are essentially clips they can be stuck onto anything, but don’t let that stop you from seeing how amazing your shoes can look.

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