Bad Decisions Don’t Have To Be The Final Chapter

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Life isn’t easy, it isn’t straightforward and it doesn’t come with any sort of instruction manual, which means one thing is almost certainly guaranteed: mistakes. Not just the kind that we think are mistakes either, but bad decisions that we never intended to turn out the way they did or, worst of all, those difficult choices you have to make when staring at a fork in the road not knowing which way to go.

With so many choices, we’re bound to make mistakes. With life being one giant game of trial and error, we’re bound to make mistake. The question is, how can you recover from a bad decision so that it doesn’t plague you for longer than it needs to?

Well, we’ve come up with a pretty foolproof plan to put a smile back on your face and clear your mind of all stresses, and it goes like this:


Always Take Responsibility

As easy as it is to play the blame game, it doesn’t get you anywhere. So, if you’ve made a poor decision, own it. Know the part you played. Accept what you did, recognize what happened and learn from it. Anything else will only see you getting the metaphorical shovel out to dig an even deeper hole. If you really want to recover from a poor decision then you need to take responsibility.


Understand Why You Did What You Did

We’re not looking for you to make any excuses here, we’re asking you to understand exactly why you made the decision you did so that you can learn from it. That means being as genuine and honest with yourself as humanly possible. We can’t tell you how important this is. It’s the one thing that will prevent you from walking that same horrible path in the future.


Find Yourself A Solution

No matter what happened, or how stresses you may be feeling about it, there is always a solution. That’s a promise. If you fell out with a friend, there is always a way to apologize sincerely. If you were financially foolish as a twenty-something, don’t despair because there are loans for those with bad credit out there. If you were too lenient with cakes and fizzies, there are ways to slim down and get your confidence back.  Whatever the crux of your bad decision and poor choices, there are always things you can do to remedy the situation. It is just a matter of being proactive and not wallowing in self-pity.


Focus On The Now

Not the past. That’s happened. It’s been and gone; it’s cemented in the sands of time. But that leaves you with a choice of its own: either you can spend your time wishing you could go back in time (which is pretty unlikely), spend your time creating a time-machine (which is pretty unrealistic), or you can focus on the now. We know that is easier said than done, but you deserve to cut yourself some slack and refocus your priorities. Focusing on the negatives is not the solution; finding the positives is. That’s what will help you move forward with a spring in your step.


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