Shrink Back Your Inner Wallflower & Do Something Daring!

Hi Lovelies!

What would your life look like if one day you decided to wake up and be someone different? Would you travel more? Would you feel braver? Being who you are isn’t a bad thing; in fact, it’s important to love yourself the way that you are and be comfortable with the person that you want to be. However, sometimes you need to change who you are a little to feel more confident, more comfortable and a lot more like you are willing to be daring.


Fortune favours the brave, and that much is true. If you play things carefully all the way through life, then you’re not going to feel like you have grabbed it with both hands and lived it fully. Risks are fun – and we say this with sincerity. Booking yourself onto a bungee jump is one way to get out there and do something different, or you can shop nipple piercing online and go REALLY brave. Intelligent, educated people succeed in life – or so we are often told. The thing is, the people who are the bravest, boldest and most audacious in the things that they do every day are the true successors. You can have the best education that college could give you, but if you aren’t someone who is willing to take the risks to do something new, then you won’t get very far with your letters after your name. Choosing to be bold is hard: you have to get out of your comfort zone to be someone new. So, we’ve come up with some ways that you can be more daring in your life.

  1. img_02021. Stop being so scared of looking stupid. The biggest reason that people choose not to take a risk or so something daring is due to the fear of opinions that other people have. People have eyes, and they make snap judgements every day. It’s natural. But if you’re allowing the opinions and thoughts of total strangers to impact your day and affect whether or not you do something, then you need to give your head a wobble! Figure out what you want to do and do it – you get one life to lead, there’s no use hanging around on a ‘what if’.
  2. Always tell yourself ‘yes’. If there’s one thing that adults rarely grow out of, it’s being children. We spend our formative years asking permission for everything that we do, from going to the bathroom to going out with friends. The thing is, you are not a child anymore. Give yourself permission to do the bold things that you have always worried are beyond you. Don’t take no for an answer, because that would mean arguing with yourself.
  3. Stop waiting to be ready. Remember those nipple piercings that we mentioned? Well, don’t wait to pluck up the courage. Be impulsive and just go and get it done. The more you think, the more you can think yourself out of an adventure.

Take the adventures you want by the horns and go and be excellent. Life is out there waiting for you to shrink back your inner wallflower.

Thanks for Reading


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