Nail Treatments to Make You Sparkle!

Hello Lovelies!

We are approaching spring and dare we say season! If you have an event on the horizon you will want to look your absolute best. After booking your hair appointment and buying your outfit, next on your list is likely to be your nails.

This year there is an abundance of on-trend nail polish colours to choose from, ranging from pastels to vivid orange! If you are feeling a little lost with the range of nail services available at your local salon, this post aims to simplify the jargon, so you can make a more informed choice.



Basic Manicure

A basic manicure will get your hands and nails in tip-top condition. Your nail technician will apply creams and lotions to your hands, whilst concentrating on your cuticles. Your hands will then be soaked in lovely warm water so that the creams can work their magic! After a relaxing soak, your hands will be left feeling lovely and soft and your nails will be easier to shape to your preferred length and style. For the shape of your nails, you could choose rounded, square or stiletto – if you’re feeling brave!
The next stage of a basic manicure normally includes a relaxing hand massage followed by the application of nail polish. For the polish to be long lasting a base layer is applied followed by at least two layers of polish. Allow yourself plenty of time for the treatment to truly get the benefit from relaxing for a while and also allow time for your nails to dry completely.


Gel Manicure

For longer lasting nail polish you could consider opting for a gel manicure using a product such as CNC Shellac. Gel polishes are ideal if you’re going on holiday as they should remain chip-free until your return. Following a basic manicure, the gel polish is applied in lots of layers to your natural nail and is then set using a UV light. It is really important to get your nail technician to remove old gel nail polish as your nails may become damaged if you do it yourself.


To really stand out from the crowd you could consider having embellishments applied to your nails. Jewels, gems and rhinestones will really make your nails sparkle or you could even have a design airbrushed directly onto your nail by your technician using stencils. Often nail technicians are so proficient in their design work that your nails can look like works of art! 3D designs are also currently popular, such as the application of flowers.


French Manicure

You can never go wrong with a lovely, professionally applied french manicure. French manicures always look classy and sophisticated and really makes a person look “polished” and well groomed. A french manicure uses clear light, pink or beige polish on your whole nail, then white polish is used to accentuate the tips of your nails.


Artificial nails

Often our own natural nails are not quite at the standard we would like them to be, this can be due to broken nails, brittle nails or bitten nails. Thankfully there’s no need to worry, as there are many options of artificial nails to choose from and they are very long lasting. Whilst wearing the artificial nails your natural nails will have the chance to grow beneath them.

With so many lovely nail treatments to choose from the hardest part will be deciding!

What’s your go-to nail choice?

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