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Photowall | Review

Hello Lovelies!

I was contacted by photowall who asked me if I would like to receive a product from them in return for me writing this blog post. They sell canvases and wall murals, you can choose a ready made one or upload your own photo to customise yourself. I chose to order a canvas. I was planning on giving it to my other half as part of his Christmas present. So I uploaded a picture of him and I. However when it arrived it was huge!! And I mean huge! I struggled to carry it, it wouldn’t fit in my car. Unfortunately I haven’t even been able to take any pictures of it to show you, because I just haven’t got the room to put it anywhere in order to take said photos.

I opened it up and having two massive faces staring back at you is very creepy I’ll tell you now hahha!!

Now obviously this is not photowalls fault at all, it’s entirely my fault for not checking the measurements when I ordered.

The canvas came the next working day which is amazing! And it looks really high quality materials that they use. The canvas comes with a DIY wooden frame. Or you can buy it separately if you don’t wish to have a frame.

I would recommend trying photowall, however do check the size before you order!

Speak soon!



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