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Caring for your Ice Skates

Hello, Lovelies.

I thought I would share with you how I care for my Ice Skates, as when I first started I was forever searching the internet for ways to keep my skates as good as new but struggled to find much information. All the advice I will give is what I have picked up from talking to fellow skaters and coaches. 

  • Before you even get on the Ice you need to ensure that your blades are sharp, if they are blunt you will not get a correct grip and you will find your self-sliding all over the place (more than usual).
  • To check if you have sharp blades simply run your finger gently over the blade and you will be able to feel if they are sharp or not. Or you can to the fingernail test, this is where you gently scrape your nail along the edge of the blade – if you feel a little bite to your nail as you drag it across the edge – the edge is sharp.
  • There is no saying how often you should get your blades sharpened. Some recommended that you get your blades sharpened around every 6 weeks if you skate regularly. However, this varies depending on how often you skate and what level. 
  • Once you have got off the ice you should dry your skates thoroughly with a blade cloth.
    If you do not dry your skates thoroughly your blades will rust and become damaged. Your skates can start to crack from moisture damage and the screws holding your blade on can become loose and also rusty.
  • Once you have dried your skates thoroughly you should protect your blades with a soft guard. This will soak up and moisture which you may have missed.
  • You should never walk around without having hard guards on your blades.
    The only time you should be walking around without hard guards on is when you are on the ice (please do not wear hard guards on the ice! It will not work! haha) or when you are walking around the rinkside as they have special matting which makes is safe for your blades.
  • If you have new skates and are trying to break them in (me currently! Ouch!) then there are a few tricks that you can do to help but nothing will really break them in apart from to get as many hours as possible skating in them. You can wear them in your house (remember hard guards) and run up and down the stairs. You can also wear them whilst you are sitting down, tighten them as much as possible. These will not necessarily break them in but it will help to mould them to the contours of your feet. 

I hope this has helped!
Thanks for reading.

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