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Novotel Suites Paris Stade de France | Review

Hello Lovely People!

On the 29th December, I  travelled to Paris for a short break. I had never been before but had heard great things and wanted to visit the “city of love” Read all about what I got up to (here).

Whilst I was there I stayed at the Novotel Suites in Saint-Denis. This isn’t in the heart of Paris, it’s a few train stops away from the Charles de Gaulle station so easy enough to get to (apart from when your train goes past your stop). 

The Hotel itself was very modern, the receptionist spoke excellent English which is great because I’ve forgotten all my High School French I learnt!

It had a huge bed!! Although I have to be honest, I didn’t get a wink of sleep even though I was exhausted, It was so uncomfortable! The TV was also huge! And it was on wheels so I was even able to watch TV whilst in the bath!

I was so happy I  had a Nespresso machine! It even had cute little takeaway cups. But… the coffee was rank! It was the strongest coffee in the world. The room had a bath and a separate walk-in shower. 

I did really like how modern this hotel was, and it is very lovely. however the fact that the bed was so uncomfortable means I would not choose to stay here again in the future. 

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