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Little Trip to Paris

Hello, Lovelies!

If you have read my review, you will know that recently my partner and I went to Paris for a couple of days. 

It didn’t start out too great. We struggled to find a place to park at Machester Airport and found ourselves driving around looking for ages, then coming to realise that on the very top floor, it was full of spaces, typical!


Then came to Security in the airport, I loaded my things onto the tray on the belt…took my shoes off, went through the gate. Then stood waiting for my tray with my things to come down. And it went off the wrong way to get checked! There I was stood for 20 minutes waiting for them to get to my bag and see why it had been searched. Only for them to look through and say that it was my lip balm, they thought it was a pencil…a bloody pencil!!! But my shoes weren’t on the tray…I walked back around to the belt and they were there the whole time! So I was stood without shoes for 20 minutes when I didn’t need to be.

Then came the time to head to the boarding gate, we had speedy boarding because we were at the front of the plane. We were stood third from the front of the queue, we headed down the stairs to the door that would lead to the plane. And we stood… and stood. Andy said to me “wouldn’t surprise me if the door was broken” And we stood some more. Until a worker came out and swiped her card in the machine. And guess what? The door was broken! So then maintenance and I.T were called down to try and fix it, with no luck. We were told to go back the way we came and down the other set of stairs. And finally, we boarded the plane and had a successful flight to Paris. 

When we got to Paris absolutely shattered, around 9pm, we followed the signs to the RER B as I knew this was the train line we needed from previous research. I found the ticket office and asked the lady which train we would need. She advised us what line, train and platform. We got to the platform and a train was due in a few minutes time it even said our stop on theirs. We get on the train, weary and looking forward to just getting to the room and relaxing. And the train announces “this is a non-stop line to Paris”I and Andrew look at each other and think that doesn’t sound right, but stay on anyway as we are staying in Paris after all.. But nope, we see our stop-go flying past from out of the window. We arrive at Gare Du Nord train station, a stop past where we want to be. We wander around for about 30 minutes trying to find the exit! We go and ask a taxi driver how much it will be to get us to our hotel, he says 35 euro. no chance! I had just paid 33 euros for this ticket that didn’t get us where we wanted to be in the first place. So off we go back inside and ask someone else what train we need. they point us in the right direction. We jump on the train and hallelujah we arrive at the correct station! 

The following day we decided to get a train into Paris, this was straightforward enough after our experience the following night we were getting used to the Paris RER system. We took a train to where the Pompidou centre is, as I had previously bought tickets to go inside and see the views of Paris from up the top. However, the queue was huge! and I mean huge! So we gave that a miss and walked to the Notre Dame instead.  

The Notre Dame was such a beautiful building and I’m glad I got to go inside and to have experienced it. 


Next, I wanted to see the Eiffel Tower so we jumped on a Tuk Tuk! It was so much fun, and the driver was from London, what a small world!

He also gave us a free tour as we were heading towards the Eiffel tower which was really kind of him.

This is the view from the bottom of the Eiffel tower. We wanted to go on a boat cruise down the River Sienne and see all of Paris lit up, but obviously, we needed to wait until it was dark before we did that. So we hung around and visited all the little stalls and food places. I had a Nutella and Banna Crepe and it was delicious! Then when the time came we jumped on our little boat and commenced the 1-hour cruise. It was a little disappointing because everything that they showed us on the cruise we had already been shown by our Tuk Tuk driver haha. We did get to see the second statue of liberty, however. 

We also got to see the Eiffel Tower sparkling which was gorgeous.

Then it was time to head back to the hotel. 

All in all, I have to say I wouldn’t wish to go to Paris again. It was too busy and everyone was so miserable. We had people trying to sell us stuff wherever we walked. We even saw a fist fight in the street and a woman get pushed to the ground. Not my idea of a “city of love” 

Have you been to Paris before? What are your thoughts?
Thanks for reading




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