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Harbour View Cottage – Porthleven

This cottage was an unexpected surprise. As I had already booked a hotel in Bude for  week. However when I arrived at said hotel it was not what I was expecting to say the least.

The next morning I found a somewhere else and it would be £500  for 5 nights. As soon as I heard this I thought “Oh dear, what have I done!? I’ve checked out of my hotel, now I’ve got to travel 2 hours further South to stay somewhere else, £500 is pretty cheap for a self catering cottage in Cornwall, it’s going to be horrible!”  I had to wait until 6pm to even see the place I was staying at as the occupants previous to us extended their stay for a couple of hours.
And Oh My God! The Cottage was absolutely stunning!!

Above is Porthleven Harbour, on the right of the picture there is a row of houses. This is where Harbour View Cottage is situated. You get a perfect view of the Harbour, hence the name of the cottage. 

This is the view from the window in the lounge, they set the cottage out so that the bedroom is downstairs with the bathroom and then the lounge and kitchen is upstairs. I really liked this as it gave it a modern feel.

This is the upstairs which has the amazing view of the harbour. This is where you’ll find a log burner (it even came with the logs ready!), a readily stacked bookcase ♥, TV, dining table, kitchen with all the appliances you could need (apart from a dryer :[.. ), one of the comfiest sofas ever! And a super chic windy staircase.. which leads us downstairs into the Bedroom.

Downstairs features a King Size Bed, a dressing table with chair, CD player, Ipod dock, bathroom with power shower, sofa bed. And one of the things I loved it the slatted wooden panels, they gave the house so much character. 

This is by far one of the most beautiful places I have ever stayed in and I feel so lucky that I managed to get this place booked so fast! Literally the same morning I moved in. If you have never been to Porthleven I would recommend going, it’s a small harbour town with a few quaint little gift shops, some cafes, pubs and restaurants. There is even a domino’s close by that delivers! I definitely made the most of that when I was there haha!

Let me know, Are you going away this year?

Thanks as always for reading! 😀
-Jade ♥


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