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Holiday Beauty Essentials 2016

Hi Lovelies!

Last year I wrote a post with all my essential bits and pieces that I was taking away on Holiday with me, as this year I am going abroad for a week and then back to the UK to Cornwall for another week the things are slightly different so I thought I’d show you!

I raved about this sun cream last year! It’s amazing so of course I brought it again, I also picked up the little one especially for my face. 

I love using the dove shampoo on holiday as it seems to replenish my hair after I have been in the sea or pool. 

As I have very pale skin I still take my fake tan away with me HaHa!! The only makeup product I wear when I am abroad is a waterproof mascara, this year I am trying the Makeup Academy Eye Define. 

The Malibu after sun spray and the Solait Hair and Scalp Spray are 2 products that I have yet to try. An After Sun is a must to take away! And I always tend to burn my hairline so i’m looking forward to testing out the hair and scalp spray. Again Piriteze and Paracetamol are just necessities to take away with me!

And of course.. The everyday products! I have the bigger versions to take to Cornwall with me and the smaller ones are to go with me on the plane.

Just over 3 weeks to go!!

What are your Holiday Essentials?

-Jade ♥



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