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Drugstore Haul

Hello my lovelies! I hope you are all enjoying your bank holiday?
I apologize I have not been very active the past month, this is because I have started a new job and it had a very intense 3 week training programme I had to undertake before I even started my shifts so I was busy with that. 

However I am back!!

I’m going to kick it back off with a nice little drugstore haul. Because we all know how much I love buying drugstore makeup!

palmers cocoa butter shampoo and conditioner

The thing that made me want to buy these is the fact that they smell like peppermint! I love anything peppermint scented and the thought of having my hair smelling of that is just amazing haha! Palmers Cocoa Butter is well known for their popular moisturisers that really make skin feeling soft and hydrated. And this is no different with the shampoo and conditoner. I have started doing reverse the routine with all my shampoos and conditioners (this is where you condition first then shampoo after) and this actually works really well with this product. It leaves hair feeling soft and manageable. And smells great too!

batiste dry shampoo sweetie

I have found that the only dry shampoo that really makes my hair feel clean and gets rid of grease for my hair is Batiste. I normally use the tropical one as it smells like pina coloda which I love. But when I saw “sweetie” on the packaging of this I had to try it because I love anything which has a sweet smell. 

Max factor miracle match foundation

I literlly can’t remember the last time I tried a Max Factor foundation, I normally opt for a Loreal or Rimmel. I wanted to try this though as I want to widen my range of foundations and after swatching this on the back of my hand I found that the consistancy was really smooth and creamy and it blended well, so i’m looking forward to trying this.

soap and glory brow archery rimmel gimme brow

I recently had HD brows done and needed to buy something for fill them in with. After watching lots of youtube videos I soon learned that Soap and Glory Brow Archery was a firm favourite of lots of beauty lovers. Myself now included! I also picked up the Rimmel Brow Gel to tame the fly away strays that tend to happen. 

makeup revolution beyond flawless eyeshadow palette

I think I have a bit of an obsession with buying Makeup Revolution products! They are just so good though! And after swatching this palette this has to be my favourite so far. I was going to post a sneak peak of the colours on this post but I have decided to write a First Impressions / Swatch post on this instead which shall be up very soon! I’m in love ♥
Swatches here!!

makeup revolution bronzer highlighter and blush

I picked this up as I think it will be really useful if you’re going out for the day and just want to take something that is small enough to fit in your handbag to touch up your makeup on the go. 

makeup academy lip liners mua

I have really started to get into using lip liners recently and I find the Makeup Academy ones really good for how affordable they are. I think these are £1 each and they last a long time too. They are also very easy to apply and feel soft and creamy. I even use the brown shade on its own sometimes as it gives a lovely colour payoff. 

makeup revolution lipsticks, makeup academy lipsticks

 Makeup Revolution and Makeup Academy both do such an amazing range of lipsticks, both with plenty of matte shades and gloss. Again these are such affordable lipsticks ranging from £1-£3.50. I have took swatches of these but again I am going to put these in a separate blog post so it’s easier to see them all individually.

collection lasting perfection concealer, makeup academy eyeliner

I picked up a collection lasting perfection concealer in the shade fair as lots of people have been telling me how good it is to brighten underneath the eyes. I also brought a Makeup Academy intense colour eyeliner in Jet Black. I do like this however I tend to find it smudges quite easily. But for £1 I can’t complain really.

barry m speedy dry nail polish makeup academy nail varnish

My nail varnish collection was seriously lacking in spring pastel shades so I got these two, one is a Barry M speedy quick dry in a pale yellow shade and the other is a Makeup Academy in a mint green. Both perfect for this time of year.

makeup revolution ultra blush palette

Ah! I’m sorry about the awful lighting on this picture, by the time I edited it and realized it had gone too dark to take a nice picture so this will have to do i’m afraid! And do you know what i’m going to say now… Yes I will show you the inside of this palette and the swatches in another blog post! 🙂

I think I am getting a bit obsessed with shopping in Superdrug! But look how many lovely things I picked up ♥

Thank you for reading, and when I do publish the posts I mentioned I will leave a link to them in this blog post.
-Jade ♥


4 thoughts on “Drugstore Haul

  1. The Palmers shampoo and conditioner sounds lovely, bet it smells good too! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the Makeup Revolution bits you picked up x


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