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Bathtime Pamper

One of my all time favorite things to do is to take a nice long, relaxing bath. It’s a time in the day where all I have to worry about is which bath bomb to use and checking the water is the perfect temperature. Heaven! 

BT-Fig and Casis Candle

I like to light a nice scented candle, this one is a three wick candle which I brought from The Range for only £7!

BT- Cup of tea

Sometimes my drink of choice for bath time is a glass of wine, although I do also love to have a good cuppa’ tea too! 

bomb cosmetics bath blaster chilly willy

bomb cosmetics chilly willy bath blasterI decided to use my Bomb Cosmetics  Chilly Willy Bath Blaster which I received for Christmas.

bomb cosmetics bath blaster

Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs always leave my skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth, this is due to the fact that they are infused with cocoa and Shea butter. The Orange in my hand above is the nose of the snowman and this was pure Shea butter which melted away in the bath and left my skin feeling lovely…And the bath a little slippery too!!

conor maynard

I always play music whilst I’m in the bath and recently I’ve been playing this album constantly!

lush snow fairy

My shower gel of choice is the Lush snow fairy.

BT- Face care


Next I prep my face with my Magnitone and as I have been taking a break from using any cleansers (seems to keep my face clear from breakouts) I used my Naobay moisturising peeling exfoliator to clean my skin .

lush catastrophe cosmetic
lush cupcake face mask

I always tend to apply my face masks after I have had a bath because the humidity tends to make it run off my face! haha. I love the Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic and I’m going to be writing a full review on that, however I would not recommend using it after the date on the back of the tub! I couldn’t let it go to waste now though! Also I used cupcake on my T-Zone as that’s the most oily part of my face. Again this was out of date and went lumpy on my skin! Eww. 

What’s your favourite thing about Bathtime?
Thanks for reading.



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