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Netflix Binge

Hello Lovelies!!

You may have noticed that I have changed my Theme, I always like to have a change and mix it up a bit and i’m really liking this current theme. Hope you like it? 🙂

I’ve spent the majority of the day watching Netflix in bed as I have a cold and feel like utter rubbish. This then made me think, why don’t I write a blog post showing you what type of things I am currently watching on Netflix. You may be watching the same things or after reading this you may want to go and watch them yourself :). If you have any suggestions on things that you think I would like please let me know in the comments!


Orange Is The New Black

I know, I know! I have jumped on the bandwagon extremely late on this one, which honestly you will find I tend to do for most things! I actually only started watching this today haha. But I am seriously hooked!! I’m not good at explaining what a show is about so I have inserted a link to the IMDB page where you can read a better description there. 



The Vampire Diaries

This is an old favourite of mine! I’ve watched all the current seasons that are on Netflix and now just waiting for Season 7 to come on! Although I can’t remember how the Season 6 Finale ended so I may have to refresh my memory.. 🙂



American Horror Story

I’ve added this in here although I wasn’t actually too keen on it. I loved season 1 and Season 2 was ok, but I didn’t enjoy season 3 as much and I actually stopped watching it all together after a few episodes into Season 4. It just wasn’t my cup of tea..




I got really into this TV Series and I am gutted it’s over! 



Once Upon A Time

Again I am eagerly awaiting the new series to air onto Netflix. This is one of my favourite series by far as it combines fairytales with the modern world, and if you don’t already know i’m a huge disney fan!



The Originals 

This is a spin-off series to the Vampire Diaries, it focuses on the original vampires of New Orleans and how they came to be.



Hemlock Grove

In all honestly I found this extremely odd and hard to follow, but once I started watching it I had to finish all the series because I was curious as to how it ended! It did lose me at times and it’s not something I think I could watch again.



Gossip Girl

I started watching these when they first aired on TV but lost interest, then just last year I started watching them again from the beginning and managed to watch all series in a matter of weeks I was that hooked!



Pretty Little Liars

Of course this has to be in here! I was late on the bandwagon with this too, I did however start watching them in early 2015 and got up to date with the episodes fairly quickly. Now though it’s the waiting for new episodes!!


That’s the series that I have been loving as of recent. If you want to know what Films I have been watching too then let me know and I will write a blog post about that too.
Have you watched any of these series? If so, which is your favourite?

Thanks for reading
-Jade ♥


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