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DIY | Candle Melts

Hello Lovelies!

Do you ever get them awkward candles where the wicks disappear before the candle has even half gone? Well I do all the time and it really annoys me, especially if it’s a lovely candle gone to waste. But waste no more! You can re-use the awkward candle and transform it into melts for your burner. All you need for this is :
Wooden spoon
Cake cases
Melts Warmer
Tea Lights

First you need to take the candle that you don’t use anymore. In my case I had 2.

diy wax melts

Next you need to get a knife and scrape the wax out of the holder. It’s easier if you soften the wax first, I did this by placing the candle whole inside a saucepan then placing it over another saucepan of hot water. Also called Bain-Marie. After a couple of minutes the wax will have softened and you just need to loosen each side of the candle from the glass with your knife, tip it upside down and it should fall out.

diy wax melts

The wax then needs to go in a saucepan to melt. I tried it using the Bain-Marie but it was taking too long so I opted for just placing the saucepan directly on the hob. I have mixed my two candles together, although they are both scented I hoped that the scents would mingle well nicely together!

diy wax melts

The wax needs to be heated until it forms a liquid consistency, this took about 10 minutes in total. I was continuously stirring this too.

diy wax melts

The next step is to pour the melted wax into cake cases, this was very messy and when I spilt some wax it instantly dried onto the work surface! So I ended up spooning it into the cases.

diy wax melts

When they have cooled and hardened you can take them out of the cases and they end up like this.

diy wax melts

And lastly just pop your wax melt onto your burner, light a tea light and enjoy! No more wasted candles!

Thank you for stopping by.
If you try this please send me some pictures :).

-Jade ♥



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