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Lush Shower Gel Review – Snow Fairy

Hello m’dears!

Just throwing a little something different into the mix again today! This is a product I always come back to. Every year since I was young I have brought this shower gel, and it only comes into stores at Christmas time so I know lots of people like to stock up on this. It is of course, the one and only Snow Fairy.

I absolutely love the smell of this! It’s not everyone’s cup of tea as I know some people think it’s too sweet. It’s described as smelling like candyfloss, I would say candyfloss with pear drops mixed in there too personally! This shower gel contains glitter, spot on for the festive period. It doesn’t linger on the skin too much it just gives a subtle show of glitter. I remember when I was younger you used to be able to use this as a combined shower gel and shampoo. However it no longer states this on the bottle, I still put this on my hair aswell as my regular shampoo purely because I love the smell. I’m sure it will do no harm πŸ™‚

Like me do you buy this religiously? Do you stock up on it? Or is it just too sweet for you?

Thanks for stopping by
-Jade β™₯

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