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Lush Face Mask Review – Cupcake

Hello Lovelies!

Time to throw a little something different into the mix here!
Whenever I go into Lush I’m always tempted to try the fresh face masks but I’m put off as I don’t normally like trying new products on my skin incase it breaks out as I have such sensitive skin. Recently though my skin has been breaking out anyway despite not even using any products, so I figured what have I to lose by trying something new?
As you may or may not know I am a huge chocolate lover so when I spotted this Cupcake Face Mask containing Cocoa powder, well it was a must!

This literally smells like chocolate in a pot, it’s heavenly! I was quite surprised with by the texture of this, I was expecting it to be smooth but it was quite bitty. I’m not sure if this is due to the fact that it contains mud? This has not put me off in the slightest though. This face mask also contains fresh mint, spearmint and peppermint oil and cocoa butter to name but a few.
As I mentioned previously I do suffer from sensitive skin so I was slightly wary to try this. I took it out of the fridge (as stated for storage) and I thought with the mask being cold that it would sting my face but it actually did the polar opposite and seemed to calm and soothe my face. I left this on for 10 minutes as it advises and once I rinsed my face off my skin felt smooth and extremely clean. I can’t say it’s helped my breakouts yet as I know this is not a miracle mask and can’t work within a few hours of using.

I have a feeling that this mask will be my go to face mask from now on as I love everything about it. Also the fact that my face still smells like chocolate 5 hours later is awesome.

Have you tried this face mask? If so what did you think?

Thanks for stopping by
-Jade ♥

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