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Lush Bath Bomb Review – Shoot For The Stars

Hello again Beautifuls!
Hopefully you are all enjoying reading these Lush reviews. I am having so much fun writing them! Reviews are one of my favourite posts to write, especially when I love the brand and the products.

Next up on the ol’ lush review is Shoot for the Stars.

This bath bomb is more eye catching than the previous ones that I have reviewed. It’s a blue bath bomb with a white shooting star going across the top. On the website it says that this contains orange and bergamot oils, when I smelt this I couldn’t say it smelt like oranges, I can’t really distinguish what it smells like honestly, it is lovely though and very refreshing.

Going through the bath bomb are different colours such as yellow, purple and white so I was intrigued as to what this would do to my bath. I also spotted some glitter flecks within the bath bomb which is also a plus.

When I put this into my bath I was shocked at how it went flying around in the water. It went spinning and shooting around like… A shooting star I guess!! I don’t know how lush managed to make it do that but it’s amazing.

This bath bomb left my water a lovely shimmery purple. It had silver glitter floating around and do I even have to say how soft it made my skin?

I would buy this bath bomb again as I loved watching it whizz around the bath and the gorgeous glittery water that it leaves in its wake is wonderful.

Have you tried this bath bomb? If so what did you think?

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-Jade ♥




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