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Lush Bath Bomb Review – So White

Welcome back!
Onto review Numero 3!

This next bath bomb is called So White.

I just want to start off by saying this Bath Bomb smells amazing! It smells like fresh apples which actually makes a nice change to the sickly scents I usually love. Appearance wise it’s a white ball, possibly to resemble the shape of an apple?

Once this is put into the bath water it releases a stunning rose pink colour. When this was fizzing away I also smelt a hint of rose, not too overpowering but it was definitely there. I liked this as normally I really dislike flower scents, this though when mixed with the apple fragrance was refreshing and instantly made me relax.

When the bomb had finished fizzing away it left the bath water a subtle pink colour. As with all lush bath bombs it made my skin feeling soft and nourished.

I enjoyed this bath bomb so much , particularly the scent, that I have actually been out to repurchase it.

Have you tried this bath bomb?
If so what did you think of it?

Thanks for stopping by
-Jade ♥

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