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Lush Bath Bomb Review – Cinders

Hello Beautiful Peeps!

I brought a fair amount of Bath Bombs. And of course I’ve been in the process of testing these out to let you know what I think of them! I have used about 8 things in total so instead of combining them all into one post I figured I will review each product individually and post a review each day until I run out of bath bombs! *cries*

The first bath bomb I’m going to talk about is Cinders, I want to get this out of the way first because I feel as though this is more of a Bonfire night bath bomb and that has way gone!

Living up to its name this Bath Bomb is the same colour as Cinder Toffee (what you get inside crunchies) Yum! It has reddish / orange popping candy decorating the top. It smells very festive and spicy, this is probably due to the fact that it contains cinnamon and almond.

When you drop this into your bath it instantly starts to pop and crackle due to the popping candy. It looks like liquid molten gold oozing into your bath water.

As lovely as this bath bomb smells and the fact that as all Lush products do it leaves skin feeling like silk. I do have two negative things to say about this bath bomb.
First is that when the bath bomb has finished working its magic and the water settles it leaves the bath water resembling the colour of urine!

And secondly, If any of you suffer from Trypophobia you will know why I hate this! I took this picture simply to show you the popping candy within the bath bomb. However I did get the creeps holding it and even looking at the picture now!!

All in all this is a lovely bath bomb and smells very festive, it’s perfect for this time of year but personally I don’t think I will be rebuying as it just didn’t have that wow factor for me.

Have you tried this bath bomb?
If so what did you think of it?

Thanks for stopping by.
-Jade ♥


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