British Autumn Stroll

Hello there Lovely Folks!
Today has been so beautiful. This is my favourite time of year and today showed me why. The sun was shining, the leaves were crisp crunching under my feet and I got to wrap up in my fur cardigan and explore the British countryside.
The good thing about where I live is that it’s a small town, close to the shops and main cities yet I’m surrounded by stunning countryside.

starbucks mulled grape
Starbucks Mulled Grape

I started my day off with a Starbucks Mulled Grape. It’s like mulled wine but minus the alcohol….Actually I tell a lie! I started my day off with a big mac and vanilla latte, but I didn’t take a picture of that. So unhealthy I know!!

Autumn Leaves
Crisp Leaves

crisp autumn leaves
There were lots of leaves on the floor so naturally I had to do this. Haha!

Autumn Days 5

Autumn Days 12 (1)
Autumn Days 13

Pretty Berries
Pretty Berries

Autumn Days 18 (1)


And I can’t walk past a park without going on the swings first!

Everywhere just looks so lovely in the Autumn I think. And today has made me really appreciate all the greenery and landscape I have around me.

Thank you for stopping by.
What’s your favourite thing about Autumn?


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