Autumn / Winter ♥

Hello again lovelies!
If you don’t already know.. We are in my favourite season!!
I absolutely love autumn and winter. There is so much fun stuff happening and it’s the lead up to Christmas! All the leaves are falling off the trees and turning beautiful reds and oranges. Then in a few weeks there will be the first flutter of snowflakes falling. Halloween with the pumpkins and fancy dress. Christmas markets where you can wear your fluffy hats, scarves, gloves and drink mulled wine, sit and eat some strudel and custard, shop round the German market stalls for Christmas presents.. Or maybe even go Ice Skating. Being able to layer jumpers and wear boots with thick woolly tights. Snuggling up by the fire under a blanket with candles and fairy lights lit with a hot chocolate. Watching all the cheesy Christmas movies that you have watched 100 times over. Decorating the tree, making Christmas biscuits. Wearing your favourite cosy pyjamas. Watching all the fireworks, or maybe going to a fireworks display and eating toffee apples. Being able to have your favourite lush bath with all the candles lit. Wearing darker shades of lipsticks.

I just love it ♥

Has that got you excited for Autumn / Winter? There’s probably loads more I’ve missed but I would literally go on forever!
What’s your favourite thing about this season?
If this isn’t your favourite season then tell me what is and why? 🙂

A little collage of lots of autumn related things ♥
autumn winter



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