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Bomb Cosmetics | Bath Bomb Review

Hellooo you Beautiful people!

I hope everybody has had a good weekend?

I went for a nosy around the shops earlier and came across a few of the Christmas Bath Bombs from Bomb Cosmetics.
Of course me being such a big Christmas Finatic I had to buy one :). 

It’s decorated with gold glitter and a reindeer!!

The scent I would describe this as is like Chocolate. Yum!
When it dissolves in the bath it turns the water a not too nice brown colour in my opinion, however it gives off a lovely scent and you do get glitter!

These bath bombs contain cocoa and shea butter which help to nourish and moisturise your skin. Im not 100% but I believe this is the cocoa and shea butter that was in the middle of the bath bomb.

This bath bomb would be perfect for the holiday season easpecially if you use it before a party as the glitter does have staying power on your skin!


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