DIY Facial & Timeless Truth Mask

Hello again Lovelies!
I am going to try and upload a blog post at least once a week on a Sunday, if I’m really good then I will aim for twice a week so it will be Sundays AND Wednesdays! Because I’ve been awful at posting and I want to change that. With it being Autumn now also I have lots of blog ideas! Exciting!!

The only down side (Apart from spiders obviously) to the weather getting colder is that it takes its toll on my skin. I decided to give myself a facial and try out my new Timeless Truth Face Mask.


This mask is especially for dry skin as it helps to lock in much needed moisture. I am a huge lover of face masks which you just place on as I find them much easier and a lot less messy! Although I’m a little scared of posting this picture online as I look like something out of a horror movie! For the sake of the blog though I will haha!

You simply place it over your face, it has clear to see holes for your eyes, nose and lips. It also has pieces which you wrap around the ears to make sure it stays secure. I kept this on for 20 minutes and applied toner again and the Clear Face Gel to complete the facial.
After my skin felt soft and hydrated. I had no side effects from using the mask which sometimes happens due to my sensitive skin. I can’t wait to try more of these especially as they have such an amazing range!

What is your routine for when your skin needs a pick me up?

*I was very kindly gifted the Orchid Extract Face Mask by Timeless Truth. However all opinions and reviews are 100% my own.*

2 thoughts on “DIY Facial & Timeless Truth Mask

  1. I deprive my face on a routine basis: it’s a wash with an Oil of Olay product followed by a facial moisturizer. I used a mild exfoliator weekly. I guess the best thing I do is avoid staying out in the sun too long. I need to do a better job.


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