Lush Haul

Hello you beautiful bunch of folk!!
I hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday weekend?

As you know I am a bath bomb finatic so when I stumbled accross the new bath bombs on the Lush website I just had to make a cheeky little purchase!

Coming home from work to a box full of delightful smelling bath wonders is the most amazing thing ever! The box is currently in my bedroom and everytime I enter I’m overwhelmed with the smell of peppermint (not entirely sure which bath bomb this is but its amazing anyway)

Lush delivery

Lush delivery

I love going into the Lush stores and being able to sniff all the products, but with my local store being fairly small and wanting to purchase the newer range I wasn’t sure if they would be in stock. So I did a little internet shop instead!

frozen lush bath bomb
This has a fresher scent than the bombs I would normally go for but It does smell incredible! You can also see glitter going through it which just makes this even more amazing :).

intergalactic bath bomb lush
This bath bomb, excuse the pun but it is literally the bomb!! As I said before my bedroom has been smelling of peppermint, I have found the culprit!

milky bath bubble bar lush
I can’t really describe what this smells like. It’s kind of orangey, milky and talcum powder, not a good description at all as this sounds vile but honestly it does smell nice! As milk is very good to moisturise your skin I am looking forward to trying this :D.

the experimenter bath bomb lush
Wow! This bath bomb looks amazing. And all the colours seem to have a different scent to them, the pink one reminds me of the incense that they waft in churches, the blue part is sweet, the white and orange ones are more fresh.

yoga bomb lush bath bomb
Again I can’t place this smell, it’s got a bit of a spice kick to it. On the website it says it contains sandalwood oil so I’m presuming that is what I can smell.

I love buying new bath bombs but I also hate using them as they look so pretty and I just want to keep them haha!
My goal is to one day have a huge basket full of lush bath bombs so I never run out!
Have you tried any of these?
Let me know your opinions πŸ™‚


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