#WeBlogSummer | 10 Things

Hello again Lovelies!
I hope you are all well?

Today for our #WeBlogSummer posts we are talking about 10 reasons or 10 things. Seeing as this is a summer collaboration I am writing mine on “10 Things to Pack for Holiday”

I recently went away myself and wrote a post about what I personally packed for my holiday, if you wish to read that then the post is here

These are just things that I would take myself and deem important items. I understand everybody will choose different things :).

1. Phone Charger- Because I would be lost without firstly my phone and if my phone ran out of battery!

2. Sun Cream- To protect yourself from UV rays.

3. Toothbrush & Paste- For minty fresh breath 😀

4. Sunglasses- A- Because they’re a fashion accessory! And B- Because they protect your eyes.

5. Bikini- To swim or sunbathe in

6. Flip Flops- To protect your feet from rocky beaches.
havainas flipflopshop

7. A Book- Relaxing by the pool anyone?

8. A hat- If you’re anything like me and your scalp likes to burn then this is highly recommended!

9. Travel First Aid kit- For those unforeseen accidents!

10. Notebook- Because who knows when a great blog idea will pop into your head?

Writing this has given me serious holiday blues again! Although I am so looking forward to Autumn/Winter! Confession, I’m already wearing purple toned lipsticks!!

If you wish to check out some of the other #WeBlogSummer posts then here are the links for you 🙂




And of course the person who kick started this whole thing off!@mydogblog09

Hope you enjoyed this
Thank you for reading!
-Jade ♥


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