Sebamed Clear Face Review

Hello there you Lovely Bunch!
Hope you are all well?

I want to share with you my favourite skincare range. I first tried this when I got sent a sample from Sebamed, they sent me their Cleansing Bar, Toner and Care Gel from the Clear Face range. I had enough to last me a month so I could have a good run of using it and gain all the advantages. And I loved it that much that I ended up purchasing the full sized products at the end of the months trail.

The Clear Face range is targeted towards acne prone skin, however I don’t really suffer with this. Yeah the few odd spots here and there like most people but that’s about it. I feel with this range though that I am helping to prevent getting spots and blemishes in the first place.
The difference with Sebamed is the fact that the PH in all of their products is 5.5. This is the same PH as your skin therefore the products won’t harm the acid mantle that lays on the surface of your skin. It will help to maintain healthy balanced skin.

I’ve never been one to keep up a skincare routine, usually I would just wash my face with water and have done. However since trying the sebamed range my mind has completely been changed. It leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished. I have had less breakouts since using the range. I have been using this every day for the past 2 months, I went on holiday and for 2 weeks I probably only used the products 3 times and my skin was terrible, I had more spots than I’ve ever had in one go before. Since coming back from holiday and getting back into my skincare routine my skin cleared up again in 3-4 days. It really does do as it says.
Even my younger brother uses the Cleansing Bar now.

Although I did get sent this originally as a sample to review all views and opinions are 100% my own. And honestly I’m not going to buy the full sized ones now if I don’t like it!

If you wish to buy any of the Sebmed products you can do so by clicking here 

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