#WeBlogSummer- Summer Holidays!

Hello There Lovelies!
I’m currently on my summer holidays in Cornwall although the weather has been rubbish this last week. It’s still nice to get away for a break.


Holidays for most people mean jumping on an aeroplane and jetting away to some exotic hot country. Which don’t get me wrong I do love, although I have only been abroad twice! But I also love the freedom of packing up the car and going on a road trip, not having to wait hours in the airport and lug suitcases around everywhere. When you go abroad I guess you can guarantee nice weather, but as I said earlier even if the weather is awful at least it’s a break away from the norm.

I can’t really say where my favourite places to go on holiday are as I’ve only ever been to France, Greece and Cornwall. The places I would love to go on holiday though are the Canary Islands, Turkey, Spain America, the Maldives and Australia. Oh and not forgetting skiing holidays such as Canada :).

I remember them holidays I used to go on when I was younger, around 10 years old. And I used to go Presthaven Sands with my Mum and Brother. We used to make Sandcastles on the beach and dig holes around the outside to fill with water to act like a fort!

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Also I apologise about this post not having much content only I got back from my holiday yesterday and had to try and finish this in time for it to go live. And with trying to unpack and get ready to go back to work I haven’t had the time to write much. Sorry!
But if you want to see my pictures from my holiday last week then click here to see them :).

Thank you for reading.


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