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Hello there Lovelies!
Hope everyone is well?

I am still on my jollys in Cornwall and currently sitting on the beach in the beautiful sunshine typing this post up on my phone. 😎

The reason for this post is because I am taking part in a #WeBlogSummer collaboration, and I wanted to explain what this is for you.
Sophia AKA MyDogBlog came up with this idea where she has got a bunch of bloggers, I believe it to be around the 20+ mark. And every week she has come up with a theme for us to write about. I’m not going to tell you the themes as this will be giving it away :). But they are all based around summer. As each bloggers writing style differs no post will be the same although based on the same topic.

I think this is a really good idea as I can get to know other bloggers, it also banishes any writers block as there is already something to write about.

I love the fact that the theme is summer because summer is my favourite season! I haven’t got any exciting plans as I’m already on my summer vacation so I can no longer look forward to that. Nor do I have any blogger events that I am attending 😞. But I’m just looking forward to the nice weather (hopefully).

I will be posting each Monday at 7pm and I will also leave links to some other bloggers taking part in this collaboration. Please check them out too and see their take on #WeBlogSummer!
Until next week! πŸ‘‹πŸΌ




And of course the brains behind #WeBlogSummer. Sophia

Thank you


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