St Tropez In Shower Tan- Review

Hello there Lovelies!

I recently brought the new St Tropez in shower tan. I was so excited to try this being a fake tan lover, I thought brilliant no more standing around waiting for my tan to dry and having sticky greasy skin. However, this product unfortunately didn’t live up to my expectations.

When reading other people’s reviews they mentioned that the tan smells like coconut. I didn’t get any hint of coconut it smells more like chemicals in my opinion, I didn’t like the smell at all.

The formula is white so after showering you apply it to wet skin and you can see where you have applied it, this is good to avoid getting streaks.

It doesn’t state on the bottle that you can apply it to your face, however I did and boy! It stung like hell. This may be due to me having sensitive skin or maybe it’s just not made for applying to your face..? Who knows.

After applying it to wet skin you have to stand around for 3 minutes waiting for it to do its job. This is the longest 3 minutes ever! Standing around wet, cold and naked is not fun.

Then you jump back in the shower and wash it off. I was expecting to wake up in the morning with a golden glow. I did not notice a difference at all. So I tried it again.. And again.. And again. Until the bottle was empty. And I still had no evidence of a tan.

Maybe I was expecting too much with this product but for almost £10 a bottle do you blame me?! I will not be purchasing this product again and will be sticking with my £2.50 dove gradual tanning moisturiser which I know works.

Have you tried this product?
If so what did you think of it?

Thank you

6 thoughts on “St Tropez In Shower Tan- Review

  1. Oh no, so sad to read this! I was really wanting to try this out but glad I didn’t spend the money! I have sensitive skin also so i wouldn’t want to try it on my face if i burns… hope you find another product that worksxx


    1. I was disappointed too :(. Maybe it does actually work for some people? Definitely not me though. I use the St. Moriz instant tan mist and dice gradual tan moisturiser religiously. But I wanted something that I could wash off and still develop. Sounds impossible really haha xx

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  2. I tried this too and it did nothing for me which I thought was strange because I’m really pale so it should give me some colour at least! couldn’t agree with everything you said in this post more x


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