What I got for my Birthday!

Hello there you Lovely Folk!
Yesterday was my Birthday, Hurrahh! I had some Beautiful gifts and wanted to share what I got with you. I love seeing what other people have had for their Birthdays so I don’t mean for this to be a bragging post at all. I simply want to share this with you as I can’t be the only one who enjoys being nosy? 🙂


My brother brought me a bunch of red roses, along with Lilies, roses are my favourite flower

Birthday Presents
Birthday Presents
Birthday Presents
Birthday Presents
bomb cosmetics yankee candle
Bomb Cosmetics and Yankee Candle

Everybody knows I am a huge lover of bath bombs and candles

yankee candle bomb cosmetics
Yankee Candle and Bomb Cosmetics

I have never tried Bomb Cosmetics before although I have been wanting to for quite some time. I believe this is a Bath Mallow and you can either rub it on your skin in the bath or just simply allow it to melt. I am looking forward to trying it out and of course I will write up a review :). I also got a Yankee Candle in one of my favourite scents.

bomb cosmetics bath bomb
Bomb Cosmetics Bath Bomb

These are Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs, one is Cotton Candy and the Other Raspberry Ripple. I love love love sweet smelling things so these are right up my street :).

lush butterball
Lush Butterball

his is the Butterball which I have heard people raving about but have not yet tried myself.

lush dragonsegg
Lush Dragonsegg

Lush Dragonsegg which is one of my favourite Lush Bathbombs.

lush space girl bath bomb
Lush Spacegirl Bath Bomb

Lush Space Girl Bath Bomb which again I had never tried.

Lush Space Girl Bath Bomb
Lush Space Girl Bath Bomb

Until last night that is. It smells lovely and turns your bath into a vibrant red, the bomb fizzed away quickly which a lot of people don’t like. Personally I prefer this as I don’t like the bomb to be floating around in the bath when I’m in there.

primark summer dress
Primark Summer Dress

I got this Sundress from Primark, ready for my holiday :).

primark crochet back cami
Primark Cami

Primark Crochet Back Cami
Primark Crochet Back Cami

The back of the Top

bomb cosmetics bath bomb
Bomb Cosmetics

 My friends and Family know my obsession with bath bombs clearly haha

primark candle
Primark Candle

My favourite candle which I always have to repurchase!

rose scented candles
Rose Scented Candles

Yes, my birthday twin clearly knows my obsession with bath bombs and candles!

boohoo blogger tshirt
Boohoo Blogger Tshirt

And she also got me this awesome Blogger T-shirt. Which I absolutely love!

boohoo blogger tshirt
Boohoo Blogger Tshirt

So much so that I wore it straight away 🙂
I also had a Cupcake mix off my Friend but I made those straight away and again.. forgot to take a picture, sorry!

extracts bath and body
Extracts Bath and Body

Off my nan I got a bath and body set which is perfect for me to take away with me on my holiday.

yankee freshener primark gift voucher
Yankee candle freshener, Primak Gift Voucher

And off my Auntie and Uncle I received a Yankee Candle Car Air Freshener and a Primark Gift Card, Which I literally jumped up and down with in delight. Although I have received money for my birthday also I didn’t want to spend that on anything as I want to use it on holiday. But with a gift card I have no choice but to spend it! And now I can actually get some clothes for said holiday as I have been on a spending ban for so long!!

Pina Colada Birthday Cake, Asda
Pina Colada Birthday Cake

I may have mentioned somewhere that my favourite cocktail is a Pina Colada. So when I saw this cake I was ecstatic!!

birthday card
Birthday Card

I also wanted to share this with you as I think it’s adorable. This is off my little cousin who is almost 9. Sooo cute ♥

And that is everything :).
I hope you liked seeing what I received. If you have done a post similar leave me your links as I love reading what you have had too.
Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes and thank you to my family and friends for the cards, money and presents.
Love you all ♥.


9 thoughts on “What I got for my Birthday!

  1. Happy birthday to you! My birthday is Thursday actually. I love seeing birthday gift posts as well. I love love love the candles you got and that cake……… just so divine looking. I bet it was delicious!


  2. Belated Happy Birthday!!!! Birthdays are exciting especially with presents like this. Totally digging the T-shirt and candles. Hope you have a wonderful week.
    I did a similar post in two parts which i shall leave the links so you can have a read.
    Hajara | Chocolatefrosst Xx


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