Magnitone Lucid – Skin Saviour

Hello again! As most of you will be aware there was a twitter party a couple of weeks ago under the # BHTWITTERPARTY, courtesy of The BloggersLveHub. This is where bloggers and brands get together on twitter and have a chat. One of the brands involved included Magnitone and they were very generously gifting Magnitone Lucids to a limited number of people involved. I was one of them lucky ones.

The Magnitone Lucid claims to give you Softer, Clearer and Brighter Skin in just 7 days. So I put it to the test!

As I was expecting this to arrive, when the Postman knocked on my door I rushed to it like a little girl running downstairs on Christmas Morning.

It arrived in a big white box. At first I thought, Oh My Gosh, How big is this brush. But it didn’t take up all the room inside luckily.

Inside was a little note from Magnitone explaining exactly what the Magnitone Lucid is and claims to do, also thanking Bloggers for participating in the #BHTWITTERPARTY.

The Magnitone Lucid comes in 4 different colours, Aqua Green, Dazzling Blue, Sunshine Yellow and Plush Pink. I went for the Plush Pink option but all of the colours look lovely.

Inside the box you get an Instruction Manual (Always handy), A Magnetic Wireless Travel Charger and Obviously your Lucid. I love the Charger on this, it’s a small egg shaped magnet and to charge the Magnitone Lucid you simply place the magnet on the bottom of the Lucid and Voila. Pretty cool right? The Magnitone Lucid also comes with a 12 month warranty which you can register for online, the information on how to do so is inside the box.

This brush is Waterproof so you can use it in the Shower or Bath, it is suitable for daily use even if you have sensitive skin, you can use any cleanser with it, has two modes to it either deep clean or sensitive and has a facial cleansing timer.

To use this what I do is grab my Cleanser, which is currently the Sebamed cleansing bar, rub some of the bar onto my damp face and then swirl the Cleansing Brush into the Cleansing Bar. I have been using it on the Deep Clean setting, I did try the Sensitive but I prefer the Deep Clean personally. Start off on my forehead going side to side for 20 seconds, you know you have reached 20 seconds as the Magnitone Lucid will beep, I then moved to my cheeks and went side to side for 10 seconds each cheek, you do have to count the 10 seconds yourself as the Magnitone will only beep at 20 second intervals. For the final 20 seconds I cleanse my Chin and Jaw area. It then turns off automatically and to clean it you simply twist the head and it will come off, then rinse in warm water.

Since using the Magnitone my Skin has never felt so soft and healthy, the brush is super soft on my skin and not rough at all, straight after using my skin feels super clean. It has evened out my skintone and any little spots that were trying to break through have gone. It honestly is the best Skincare item I own and I would not like to go back to cleansing and exfoliating by hand as I feel now that it doesn’t do the job properly compared to the Lucid.

You can pick one of these up at around £70 but Magnitone have very generously given me a 20% off discount code for my readers so you can try it for yourself and get on the road to Softer, Clearer and Brighter skin.

Simply head over to the Magnitone Website and enter the Discount Code at the Checkout.
Discount code: Jade20

Let me know if you are planning on purchasing your own Magnitone Lucid, or if you have already tried it what was your opinion?
Thank you for reading.

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