Flip Flop Shop

Hello Lovelies,
The folks over at www.FlipFlopShop.co.uk very kindly gifted me with a stunning pair of Havaiana Flip Flops which I’m going to review.

FlipFlipShop is ran by the same people as www.JamHill.co.uk which I have had a nosey around on and would highly recommend if you need any mountain wear, base layers, sunglasses. I especially love the beanie hats.

The Shop is located in Penryn, Cornwall. If you live locally or are going down on a holiday and love flip flops (lets face it who doesn’t?) then get yourself down there and you will be greeted with floor to ceiling flip flop covered walls! Sounds like heaven to me.

They stock a wide range of brands such as animal, reef and roxy just to name a few. They also sell Mens and Children’s as well as Women’s flip flops.
If you live in the UK you also get free Delivery and Free Returns. I’d just like to point out that delivery time is really good. I waited 2 days for mine before they arrived which I think is fantastic.
FlipFlopShop also offer European and International Deliveries so everybody can get themselves a beautiful pair of flip flops ready for the summer.

The Flip Flops I have are the Havaianas Slim Logo Metallic in the colour Beige. From the FlipFlopShop these cost £21.95, I feel this is a really good price to pay for a decent pair of flip flops.

havaianas box
Havaianas Box
havaianas logo
Havaianas Logo
havaianas slim logo metalic beige
Havaianas Slim Logo Metallic

These flip flops are incredibly comfy, sometimes I find on flip flops the part that sits between your toe can rub but not on these as the material is rubber and very soft. I love the detailing on these, on the band is a greek pattern and also a 3D havaiana logo. Purchasing something in beige is sometimes a bit risky as it can often be an off shade of yellow, not these though, the sole is a light beige as stated and the strap is a lovely gold.
They are also true to size, these are 3/4, I’m a 4 and they fit perfect. The soles are anti slip which I think is very important when it comes to flip flops as you will probably be wearing them around the pool area.

I am very much looking forward to wearing these on my Holiday to Cornwall in July. I may just pop into to the FlipFlopShop myself when I’m down there to see this floor to ceiling flip flop covered wall myself!

So with Summer approaching go and visit FlipFlopShop and treat your feet to some beautiful flip flops.

I’d just like to say thank you to Zac from FlipFlopShop for approaching me and for your excellent Customer Service via email.

Thank you for Reading.


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