A Day in the Life of Moi

Hello there Lovelies!
If you live in the UK then you will know that we have had some beautiful weather the past couple of days. And what better way to spend them than by going on walks, eating too much and taking lots of pictures.


And obviously going to the Gym 🙂

This canal is literally right around the corner from my house. Although canals aren’t the prettiest thing to look at they do make for a nice walk in the sun. And the ducks were out which makes it even better for me 🙂

I popped into a fish shop next to my house and I found Olaf and Dory! I want a fish tank purely for the fact that I could put these in there.

As I mentioned in my Creative Blogger Nomination I have a slight fear of fish, it doesn’t bother me when they are little fish in tanks but when they are in open tanks like this..


Or have creepy looking faces

Then my face ends up looking like this!

Random picture of my trousers because you all know how much I love them- March Favourites

If you’re going for a walk then you need energy from somewhere. Mine came in the form of chocolate, sweets and a sports drink. And no I didn’t just buy the kinder egg for the toy, although it is a added bonus.

mwcastlemow copcastle
This is Mow Cop Castle located in Cheshire.

I got bored, This face literally had me in stiches. What am I even doing?!

This is the Killer Mile. Although it doesn’t look very steep on the pictures, trust me it is! And every year in April/May residents of Cheshire and surrounding areas race up this.

polite vicar
After all that walking I needed a treat.

burgervodka and cranberry
Chicken burger with Sweet Potato fries and Vodka & Cranberry. Yum.

After all of that it was time to get in my favourite PJ’S with a glass of Mailbu and Pineapple and watch Transformers- Age of Extinction

On to day two. And can you guess what the first thing I did was? No not the gym. FOOD!
I normally only ever get a 6″ sub but I was so hungry that I decided to pig out. After that I even had a cupcake!

forest parkhanley

I went to Hanley Forest Park. There is a huge lake, park, skateboard park and this big hill that people can climb up to get a great view. Which I declined thank you very much.

Looking in the home ware section of Matalan, saw a mirror and what do I do, be stupid as per.

Casually looking around homebase, see a sofa, sit down on said sofa, take a selfie.

Homebase Wish List? I can’t be the only one who likes buying glass bottles? They come in handy for so many things.

I then came home for a bit to watch First Dates on Catch up as we were bored. And after that decided to go to the pub around the corner by the canal to sit outside and enjoy the last bit of rays.

And that is basically my past 2 days in pictures.
Thank you for stopping by.
Have you been doing anything fun recently?
Let me know in the comments.


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