Recent Purchases! ♥

Hello Everybody. Hope you are all having a lovely Easter. I would like to apologise for lack of posts, I have been working twelve hour shifts. Sorry!

As I mentioned in my previous post “I went Shopping” I had some purchases that I wanted to show you

I shall start off with the items that I got from Lush ♥ I haven’t used any of the items yet so I can’t review them but I can show you what I brought.

This is a Bath Bomb called the Fizzbanger. This bomb contains an ingredient which is supposed to help with anxiety, looking forward to trying that out.

lush bb
This bomb is called Sakura, On the website it says that this is a celebration of Spring in a bath bomb.

A Easter Bunny Bath Bomb called Hoppity Poppity , so cute! I love when Lush bring out their “Holiday Range’s” as I like to call them. The only downside is that I end up falling in love with product and have to wait a whole year to buy it again.

Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt. This is described as Toffee Scented Molten Gold, smells delicious!

Next up is Primark, Originally I had a basket full but then remembered I was supposed to be saving and narrowed it down to a few items instead.
Every time I go into Primark I have to stock up on the candles, they are such good value for money. At only £2 for a fair sized jar, they have a range of different scents and they burn for hours and hours.

This is the first time I have brought this fragrance as I think it must be new in to my local store otherwise I would of had it a long time ago! It is Passion Fruit and Vanilla Cream scented, and it does smell delicious! I’m a big lover of sweet smelling fragrance’s so if you normally prefer fresher smells this probably isn’t going to float your boat, as they say.

Blackcurrant and Orchid, I buy this every time as it just smells so nice. I can’t really smell the orchid so it’s just a fresh fruity scent.

Another one that I buy every time I go in. I love this fragrance though, it’s Pineapple and Ginger. I love Pineapple scents, and this kind of smells like Pina Colada too which I love the smell of! It reminds me of Summer and the Beach

Lastly are the clothes

My favourite purchase! I have been living in these trousers since I got them. They were £11, come in different patterns and colours, very stretchy and lightweight material they are also ankle grazers so perfect for this seasons trends. I would recommend buying a size smaller than you normally would due to them being so stretchy, I can’t wait to stock up on lots of these for my Holiday this year!

I brought this as it was only £5 and thought I could wear it on cooler days with tights and high boots. It comes to just above the knee, personally when I got home and tried it on I felt like I should be going to work in an office, It just didn’t suit me. Maybe in the summer I can try to style it with flip flops and a nice necklace and see if that does the trick instead.

Thick tights for £1, never know when these will be needed!

And that is everything!
Hope you enjoyed reading this.
Have you tried any of the bath bombs or candles mentioned?
Let me know your favourites.
Thank you


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