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Simple Storage ♥

As mentioned in my Previous Post I have been subscribed to Glossybox for about 7 months now. That amounts to a lot of empty Glossybox boxes.

Instead of throwing them out what I like to do is use them for storage, that way you are re using the boxes and helping with recycling and pollution. It also saves you money as there is no need to go out and buy storage boxes.


As you can see I have a box for my necklaces, hair products, bracelets and earrings and some spare products I have not yet tried. You could literally use them for anything. I also have used old Christmas gift boxes for my electrical items etc.

Another thing you could do with these spare boxes is turn them into gift boxes or hampers. Get some wrapping paper and get creative with decorating the boxes, fill them with little gifts and give as a birthday or Christmas present.

Thank you for reading.
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