Ipanema Flip Flop Wish List ♥

Feb15 250x250 Ipanema NEW COLL

The Sun has finally got his hat on! Now is the time of year when I’m looking around the shops and online for things to Purchase ready for my Summer Holiday. And one thing I definitely need this year is a new pair of Flip Flops as mine lasted all but a day last year on the beach before falling to pieces. That’s what I get for only spending £1.50 on them!

I came across this site Ipanema they sell a wide range of flip flops, wedges and sandals. They even have a Men’s and Children’s range. Not only that but all of their product’s are 100% recyclable and made in Brazil, how awesome is that!

If you live in the UK and buy 3 pairs you get free delivery , even if you only want to buy one pair the delivery cost is just £3.50 and considering that the flip flops themselves are starting off from around £14.00 I think you’re getting yourself a good deal.

I have picked 3 of my favourites that will see me through the summer.

1. Everyday
The Ipanema Lovely III £17.00
The pattern on these flip flops is very girly and delicate which if you’ve read some of my other posts you’ll know I love. This style comes in 6 different colours. Personally I really like this blue and white as it’s neutral but still has some colour thrown in so they will go with a variety of different outfits.

2. Festival
Ipanema Festival Sandal £20.00
These are by far my favourite! I really like gladiator style sandals, I also find these a lot comfier than flip flops as they have the adjustable strap around the ankle so they don’t fall off and my feet feel more secure. These have chevron detailing on the strap which offers a nice touch. This style of sandal comes in 3 different colours Black, White/Silver and Rose Gold. I was torn between the Black and Rose Gold but I feel with black you can style them with more things (and you also can’t see the dirt as easy!)

3. Evening
Ipanema Cruise Wedge £35.00
When I go on holiday I like to take at least one pair of high heels or wedges should I decide to go out to a bar or restaurant in the evening. These wedges look so comfy and stylish. Also the pattern on the wedge is of little pandas, how adorable! This style comes in 4 different colours.

I had a nosy on the kids section although I don’t have a kid myself i couldn’t help myself from looking. And they are so adorable. Check out these for example kids
The Ipanema Ladybird and they are only £15.00. I wish there were flip flops like this around when I was a kid.

I highly recommend you check out Ipanema this year for your Spring and Summer flip flops this year. I certainly am.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and seeing my favourites.
Do you have a favourite?


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