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Baking Mad Part 2!

If you saw my Previous Baking Mad post you will know that I had 2 cake mixtures to make. I finished the Chocolate Swirl Cake. But was yet to show you how I made the Cupcakes! Cake and Cupcakes

As I explained before I know it is a packet mixture and it’s not hard to bake. I still wanted to make it into a post though. I actually still really enjoy baking packet mixtures. I started off by getting all the things I needed out and prepared. Basically eggs, water, oil, spoons a bowl and a muffin tray. Also at this point I pre heated the oven to 150 degrees (fan oven). Cupcake

The mixture, eggs, water and oil was then added into the bowl. Mix

And whisked until there are no lumps and the mixture is a creamy consistency Mixed

The mixture then needs to be divided evenly into the cupcake cases. Cases

Pop into the oven for roughly 20 minutes. Again as these were baking I was getting on with the ever so tedious task of washing the dishes!


Whilst the cupcakes were in the oven I prepared the buttercream. Which is just icing sugar and well.. butter. But I use margarine.


I mixed this up until I had a thick but creamy consistency. I always tend to add more icing sugar than it states to get it thicker. Especially for cupcakes as you need it to hold it’s shape whilst on the cake.


And then my cakes were baked!


Once these cooled I spooned my buttercream into a piping bag. I love this piping bag it was £2 from Asda and comes with a range of different nozzles and you can re use it over and over as it’s washable.


Done (2)

And decorated my Cupcakes with White Chocolate Sprinkles and some edibleFlower Wafer’s. Decorated Finished

I even put some in these cute little boxes so they can be given as gifts :). Boxed

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Have you got any baking posts? If so leave the links below so I can read them 🙂



3 thoughts on “Baking Mad Part 2!

  1. I made these cakes a few days ago! Your icing came out a lot nicer though, mine ended up very runny and tasteless. I love the effort you’ve put into the presentation of them, with the edible flowers and boxes – they look great!


  2. Hey there! I’m a friend of bouncing_wolf and she recommended you blog as I also blog. I love to bake and I just read this post and I love it so much!My blog contains baking posts and motivational one too! Feel free to have a look

    Keep up the good work Jade! 🙂


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