♥ Makeup Revolution – Flawless Palette Swatches

Hello. If you read my Favourites post then you will know that I am LOVING Makeup Revolutions products right now, especially the Flawless Palette.

Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow

I think this is amazing, especially that it’s only £8 for 32 gorgeous shades. The packaging is finished in a sleek black gloss with gold writing, the good thing about this is if it ends up getting dirty in your makeup bag it can easily be wiped off. When you open the lid there is a full mirror perfect for doing your makeup on the go.
All of the shades are highly pigmented, and long lasting. As they are a creamy consistency they are very easily blended. There is a mixture of shimmer and matte so this palette is great for day or night looks.

Swatch 1
From left to Right
Paper, Almost there, Smudge, Pure Chocolate, Soft Glow, Uncover ,Shimmer Heart, Raw

Swatch 2
Buff, Barely Pink, Universal, Red night, Highlight, Lowlight, Copper shimmer, Molton Chocolate

Swatch 3
Angel, Golden Night, Medal, Burgandy Nights, Unlimited, Gold Digger, Darkest shimmer, GreenStars

Swatch 4
Brew, Cheerless, Tarnish, Café noir, Silver smoke, Blue stars, Black tie, Night

I would 110% recommend you go out and buy this palette. I’m will definatley be buying more of their products. Well done Makeup Revolution.

What’s your favourite colour? Have you tried this palette or any other products that they have?
Let me know in the Comments.


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