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Baking Mad!

I’ve been a bit of a domestic goddess today if I do say so myself! My Mum and Brother went to the shop and came back with these…
Cake and Cupcakes
And asked me to bake them. Yay for me because I LOVE baking.
Although they are packet mixtures and fairly straightforward to make I wanted to do a blog post for it.
I decided to make the Chocolate Swirl Cake first as it needs to be in the oven for longer. Which I preheated to 150 degrees. (It’s a fan oven)
I got myself all organised with everything that I needed. Basically just eggs, water, oil, bowl, cake tin (well greased) and spoons.
Choc Swirl Cake
And we are ready to go!
Tip the cake mix into your bowl, add the eggs, oil and water then you whisk to a creamy consistency. Like this..
Then 8 tablespoons of the mixture needs to be put in a separate bowl. Or in my case a cup.
Add the rest of the mixture to your chosen cake tin. With the mixture that has been separated add the provided chocolate powder. I added more water to this mixture to make it spread throughout the cake more evenly.
Take your chocolate mixture and place it in random areas over the cakes surface.
Then with a flat blunt knife swirl the chocolate through the cake gently.
Pop it in the oven for roughly 20 – 30 minutes. Whilst that’s in the oven it’s time for the worst part of baking.
When the cake is baked and cooled down remove it from the tin and Voila! Chocolate Swirl Cake!

Swirl Done

As simple as that. All it needs now is a cup of tea to go with it :).

Hope you enjoyed :). I will put the Cupcake post up on Sunday.
Let me know what your favourite thing to bake is?


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